A Trademark is a name or symbol, like a logo or brand name, which helps to distinguish the goods and services of different parties. A trademark is any mark that distinguishes a product or service provided by one company from products or services provided by others. It must be capable of distinguishing your goods and services from those of your competitors. It can be comprised of words, logos, or a combination of both. A trademark enables customers to easily recognize and identify your goods and/or services in the marketplace.

The trademarks division of ERUUM & LEEON IP law firm is an area in which we may fully utilize our experience and expertise. Our trademark department handles applications, registrations, and oppositions for all trademarks including licensing and enforcement. The trademarks department is committed to vigilant protection and enforcement of our clients’ rights by keeping our clients fully informed of all relevant issues and possible courses of action. From serving cease and desist letters to requesting preliminary injunctions and other proven enforcement techniques, we ensure that our client’s rights are protected at all times.