A patent is a legally protected property interest and not, as so often is said, a monopoly. If you own a patent, you can exclude others from exploiting your patented property for twenty years. However, there are strict requirements that must be met for a patent to be granted.

Patents for creative ideas are granted every day. These come from diverse origins ranging from individual inventors to teams working for large international corporations. Some patentable ideas are conceived by accident. Others are composed out of necessity. Sometimes, they are meticulously planned and calculated by corporate designers and professional inventors. A few are even passed down through family connections. The important thing is that simple ideas can translate into patents. Once a patent application is filed and an invention becomes patent pending, the inventor is on the road to a potentially lucrative endeavor that is likely unique. A small and simple idea can become a legally protected revenue stream.

We have expertise in the following areas: patents, design patents, technology know-how, confidential information and trade secrets. We also have experience in the less-known protective rights including plant breeders’ rights and integrated circuit topographies protection.

Patent infringement is a serious issue. The unauthorized use of patented material should be handled with expert legal action. As a patent law firm, ERUUM & LEEON IP law firm has handled the intricacies of patent law for many years and we stand ready to help you when your intellectual property is the victim of patent infringement. A patent infringement attorney can help you defend your intellectual property from misuse.