IP Litigation

Intellectual property (IP) rights are enforced by experienced professionals at the firm with backgrounds in many fields in addition to an in-depth knowledge of patent law, trademark and copyright law, and litigation procedures. We, ERUUM & LEEON IP Law Firm, provide IP enforcement with the wide-ranging experience of our professionals and the resources of an international firm. With experience in Patent and Supreme Court litigation of patent, trademark, licensing, and copyright infringement, we have handled several complex IP cases.

Individuals may also require representation before a court, administrative tribunal, arbitration panel, or in mediation to resolve a wide range of disputes. The hallmark of an effective litigator is clear and concise presentation. Clients expect their agent to be able to narrow down the dispute and the issues requiring resolution in order to get results quickly and effectively. In the end, clients need a lawyer possessing eloquence, skill, and confidence to litigate their case.

We have experience as patent counsel to domestic and foreign corporations, universities, and organizations, successfully resolving patent litigation conflicts. Additionally, our far-reaching technical experience and thorough understanding of patent law enable us to formulate a variety of offensive and defensive strategies that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.