Patent Strategy Consultation

In some industries, the value of a company is defined by intangible assets; an intellectual property portfolio is typically a large part of that. In the high-tech industry, current and future patent portfolios define the strategic scope and potential of a company. Without protected IP, introducing new products into the market puts your property at risk of protracted litigations, injunctions, and reputational damage. By analyzing a company’s patent portfolio, it is possible to gain a deeper insight of their products and the industrial focus of the company.

Once you’ve created an innovative idea and taken the necessary steps to protect it, you have an opportunity to realize more value and revenue through strategic licensing to partners and in some cases, even competitors. We provide you with consult for your business.

Our patent strategy consultation practice includes complex patent searches and analyses for actionable intelligence (such as patent due diligence, R&D optimization, identifying licensing opportunities and barriers to entry, and initiating opposition and re-examination proceedings.

Furthermore, Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches offer Product-to-Patent Mapping and involves searching active/live patents for overlap with key features of the product. ERUUM & LEEON IP Law Firm has a strong history of conducting such FTO searches and delivering relevant results with Key Feature Mapping.